We are Carmeq.

The foundation of the Car.SW Org. changes our recruiting process

Agility, digitization and connectivity have significantly changed the world we live in and the world we drive in. Car.SW Org. is the largest software company in the automotive industry, developing an operating system, architecture and a uniform software platform for all brands of the Volkswagen Group. With the foundation of Car.SW Org. the recruiting is centralized, so that you can find our open positions here from now on.


Who we are

Having a car that drives itself might still be a dream, but we’re closer to making it a reality than ever before. The technology is progressing quickly. And we’re right there at the forefront of its development.

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100% projects

What we’re working on

We develop high-quality software for innovative vehicle functionalities – producing both our own products and custom solutions designed around our customers’ specific requirements. We take over responsibility for project management and/or send in our experienced experts to provide efficient support for development projects.

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